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Category Archives: Language Endangerment

Alaska Endangered Languages

Elizabeth Kolbert writes a terrific article the current (June 6, 2005) issue of the New Yorker entitled ‘Last Words: Can a dying language be saved?’ It is the story of the Eyak language spoken in Alaska, the demise of its use, and the history of linguist Michael Krauss’s work documenting it. Unlike many articles on […]

Homogenization of Cultures

From and noted by Anne Galloway comes a discussion about the reasons for cultural diversity and the idea that in order to protect themselves, cultures behave like different biological species. I find several ideas of note here. In particular, the interview includes more discussion about linguistic diversity, why fewer and fewer languages are surviving […]

Connecting Evolution with Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

For my students who are also interested in biological anthropology, check out this story from MSNBC. Titled Human Evolution at the Crossroads, science editor Alan Boyle retreats from descriptions of past human evolution to speculate on where human evolution might be going in the future. There’s discussion of super humans (read: Barry Bonds) and human-machine […]