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Sea-to-sky Cultural Tour: Audio Edition

As you know, I am a huge fan of the new Skwxwū7mesh (Squamish) and/or Liĺwat7ul (Lilwat) Cultural Tour up the Sea-to-sky Highway. I’ve blogged previously about the tour and the Skwxwū7mesh Liĺwat7ul Cultural Centre in Whistler. I now see on the SLCC website an audio accompaniment to the drive up the highway. The downloadable zip […]

Royal BC Museum Celebrating BC History with People’s Stories

Next year, 2008, marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of British Columbia. The Crown Colony of BC was created in 1858, uniting the Colony of Vancouver Island (established in 1849) with the mainland. To celebrate, the Royal BC Museum has started the “Free Spirit” Exhibit Project. Leading to a museum exhibit in the spring, […]

Whose Truth in BC Museums? asks that question this week. To answer it, they look at the recent experiences of three British Columbia museums: the UBC Museum of Anthropology (MOA); Haida Gwaii Museum (Skidegate); and, the Royal BC Museum. The answer? Museum of Anthropology director Anthony Shelton says: “We want to be provocative, while also being respectful.” Sphere: Related […]

Dundas Collection of Native Artifacts Heading Back to Communities

The Dundas Collection of Tsimshian art and cultural objects is touring. The tour starts at the Museum of Northern British Columbia in Prince Rupert. I blogged earlier about the history of these objects here and here. Sphere: Related Content

BC Art and Artifacts Bought; BC Has Lost Heritage and Cultural Symbols

In a (delayed) followup to my post about Tsimshian artifacts on the auction block, it appears that the Dundas Collection has been purchased by David Thomson, son of former Globe and Mail chairman, the late Kenneth Thomson. The intention seems to be to display the objects at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). The Canadian […]

BC Aboriginal Artifacts on the Auction Block

The Globe and Mail has a fascinating story of a privately owned collection of Tsimshian artifacts and art objects scheduled for auction on Thursday in New York. Dubbed the Dundas Collection of Northwest Coast American Indian Art, the story of how it came to auction — and of the efforts of museums world-wide to buy […]

Museum Tours as Podcasts on Itunes

After installing the new Itunes 7.0 today I discovered that several museums are distributing audio and video podcasts through the Itunes store. There are 21 podcasts currently available from museums like the Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Dr. Pepper Museum (!). They are all free. The short video clip […]