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First Issue: Canadian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences is Live

Open access is a hot topic for academics. Recently, SavageMinds has raised questions about the ethical use of pdfs. Jason Baird Jackson has pleaded passionately (and frequently) for more open access books and journals. And, Quentin Mackie has reminded us of the utility of a great regional journal like BC Studies, which has recently open […]

Are Ethnographies Novels?

One of my class assignments is to ask students to provide a short review of chapters in the ethnographies they read. Students are to include the following in the reviews: 1) a concise summary of the chapter; 2) a point or two noting the relevance of the chapter to the course and/or anthropology in general; […]

I’m Looking for Suggestions for BC Ethnographies

It’s that time early in the semester when I am required to submit my book requests for next semester. I will be teaching a first year course called British Columbia Native Cultures during the Winter of 2011. For years, I have required that students read Hugh Brody’s Maps and Dreams: Indians and the British Columbia […]

Widdowson and Howard Excerpt in Toronto Star

Celebrating the Donner prize nominees, the Toronto Star has published a short excerpt (maybe a series of consolidations?) of Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry by Widdowson and Howard. (I have discussed this book on the blog before. Albert Howard weighed in.) Phil Fontaine responds: The Donner Prize is supposed to reward “excellence and innovation in Canadian […]

Excerpt of Widdowson and Howard in the National Post

If you’ve been wondering what the fuss around Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry is all about, the National Post has published an excerpt. Its focus: traditional knowledge. (As always, the comments are as interesting as the article.) Oh, and an Australian ejournal of ‘social and political debate’ is arguing about the book too. Sphere: Related Content

Taiaiake Alfred’s Review of Widdowson and Howard Generating Discussion

The review of Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry by Widdowson and Howard is generating discussion. See the comments in this previous post.

“A Proposal for Taiaiake Alfred: Stop Believing and Start Thinking”

Albert Howard and Frances Widdowson offer a lengthy critique of Taiaiake Alfred’s review of their book Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry. The critique is embedded in the comments section of a previous post here on Fieldnotes. The first paragraph reads as follows: Taiaiake Alfred has a right to his opinion about our book, and we would […]

Reviews of Widdowson and Howard’s “Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry”

I don’t have time to formulate my own review right now … suffice it to say I have appreciated the frankness of Widdowson and Howard’s Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry. The questions they ask about aboriginal poverty, its reasons and solutions to it should be asked — even if (especially if) they generate widely disparate answers. […]

Current Academic Assessments of TEK

Charles R. Menzies’s edited collection Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Natural Resource Management has been published by the University of Nebraska Press. The introduction to the book, written by Menzies and Caroline Butler, offers a very useful and usable summary of what traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) is and the academic critiques of the concept. The book […]

Special Issue of Anthropologica: ‘The New Anthropology of Sexuality’

Anthropologica, the journal of the Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA), has published a special issue devoted to research on gender and sexuality. The table of contents lists these articles: “The New Anthropology of Sexuality” (Andrew P. Lyons and Harriet D. Lyons) “The Power of Excess: Royal Incest and the Ptolemaic Dynasty” (Sheila L. Ager) “‘Bisexuality’ and […]