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Category Archives: On My Bookshelf … On My Desk

New Book by Robin and Jillian Ridington

A new book has been written by Robin Ridington and Jillian Ridington about their fieldwork among the Dunne-za Athapaskans of northeastern British Columbia. Titled ‘When you Sing It Now, Just Like New: First Nations Poetics, Voices, and Representations, the book is something of a career retrospective. It complements Robin Ridington’s earlier monographs, Trail to Heaven […]

Treaty Negotiators Stalling?

Former Yukon Premier and now critic of the BC Treaty Process Tony Penikett has some interesting comments about why treaties are taking so long to complete in British Columbia. As noted in the Vancouver Sun, Penikett says: Treaty negotiators on all sides are careerists or hourly paid professionals … They have no fear of unemployment […]

More About Samuels’s Country Music Ethnography

Daniel Oppenheimer has written a useful and interesting article on David Samuels’s recent ethnography Putting a Song on Top of It: Expression and Identity on the San Carlos Apache Reservation for the Valley Advocate, a news and arts weekly published in Easthampton, MA. The article is extensive, reviewing the book and, perhaps of greater interest […]

Alaska Climate Change and Oral Tradition

The BBC Science Web Page has an interesting story about climate change in Alaska. Of note are the words of native elders and the comparisons made between scientific knowledge and local knowledge of climate change. In a common refrain, a native whaler says: … Western nations need to have scientific proof that the climate is […]

More Country Music Ethnography (And It’s On the Web …)

I finally got my hands on a copy of Aaron A. Fox’s Real Country: Music and Language in Working Class Culture (or here) – man, it is a fantastic ethnography! As I work my way through it, what has struck me is the incredible number of transcripts and quotations from informants – this is a […]

Country Music in Native America

I am currently reading Putting a Song on Top of It: Expression and Identity on the San Carlos Apache Reservation (Arizona, 2004) by David Samuels, and thoroughly enjoying it. It is terrific ethnography … part linguistic anthropology and part ethnomusicology … describing the role of popular music and bands (mainly old country music) for Apache […]