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Public Discussions of Hunting Protests in Northern BC

One of my summer projects is to learn more about public attitudes towards indigenous rights in British Columbia. I am also looking for current examples of the stigmas and stereotypes associated with indigenous hunting by non-native people (Figure 2, in which foraging is confused with pastoralism, for example). Conveniently, events surrounding a blockade in Tahltan […]

Ethnographic Project About UBC Golf Course Conflict

Charles Menzies (Forests & Oceans for the Future; UBC Anthropology Dept) posts his research proposal for an ethnographic investigation of the social construction of place at the UBC Golf Course. His focus is on how non-natives construct their attachment to the Golf Course and Pacific Spirit Park. The golf course is the site of a […]

The Musqueam Land Deal Discussed at ‘Forests and Oceans’

Charles Menzies has a thoughtful post about the disconnect between the public’s intellectual ability to accept aboriginal land and title rights and the emotional refusal to accept that the UBC Golf Course and part of a popular park could be returned to the Musequeam First Nation in a land settlement. Charles asks specifically for responses […]

Spatsizi Park in British Columbia Magazine

Cold Fish Lake The Spring 2007 issue of British Columbia Magazine is out with a story about the Spatsizi Wilderness Park in northern British Columbia. The pictures are spectacular. The text touches on recent controversies between Iskut/Tahltan peoples, including the role of guide-outfitter Tommy Walker in the relocation of aboriginal people from the area in […]

Lengthy Elaboration on Stanley Park History

Victor Guerin, Coordinator of the Musqueam Language and Culture Programme, has written a lengthy rebuttal and reply to the March 17, 2007 Vancouver Sun article about the archaeology of Stanley Park. His statement is copied into the comments section of my post on that article. I acknowledge it here because I fear it would be […]

The New Strategic Importance of Parks (NWT)

The small Dene community of Lutsel K’e (Northwest Territories) has joined with the government of Canada to create an enormous park, reports (or here). The park will cover about 30,000 square kilometres, or, be about four times the size of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. The Lutsel K’e turned down a chance to […]