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Category Archives: Research Strategies

Good Examples of Bad Ethnographic Experiences?

A student asked me recently for examples of ethnographies in which the anthropologist ‘had a bad time’. He observed that in all of the anthropological writings he has read, the anthropologists generally present themselves and their experiences positively. I was stumped. The ethnography for the course, a survey of Canada’s first peoples, is Robert Jarvenpa’s […]

Field Research and Skype

Dease Lake Caribou Originally uploaded by TFM I spent last week — my reading break — in northwestern British Columbia. It was my first trip back to the area during the winter since I completed my dissertation fieldwork in March of 2003. It was a real treat to visit old friends. Some things hadn’t changed: […]

Software and Web-tools for Fieldnotes

SavageMinds has a discussion underway about tools for taking fieldnotes.

BC Land Claims Newspaper Now Archived On-line

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs has made available online the Nesika newspaper. Nesika was published between 1972 and 1977 (1979?). It covered the actions of native groups throughout BC involved in earlier days of land claims pursuits. Search the Nesika archives here. This is a beta release of the website. The Union’s notification of […]

Another E-Research Resource — Free Downloads of Text, Music, Video

I’ve just stumbled across With institutional support from the Library of Congress and the National Science Foundation, among others, this site offers material in text, audio, and video formats. Software and other digital items, like lectures and educational material, are also available. Copyright appears to be respected. Anthropological items are available; most are post-copyright. […]

ZohoShow + Skype = Very Cool Teaching Strategy

Glenn Moses is a curriculum specialist, high school teacher, and recently promoted to an assistant principal. He has a fascinating description of using an ZohoShow (an internet-based and free type of powerpoint) and Skype to work with a student to improve an upcoming classroom presentation. Beyond student instruction, the collaborative possibilities seem endless. They would […]

Ethnography in Other Academic Pursuits

I was lurking and then participating in a comment-area discussion on Rashmi Sinha’s blog this week. Dr. Sinha blogs about about technology and cognition (she has a background in cognitive psychology) and maintains a fantastic website with course outlines and teaching materials related to qualitative methods (among other things). The post that caught my eye […]

Another New On-line Resource for BC Researchers

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs has made available on-line the Final Report / Minutes of Decision of the McKenna-McBride Commission. As noted in the press release: The McKenna-McBride Royal Commission [1912-1915] had a significant impact on Indian peoples’ reserve land base by adding to, reducing and eliminating reserves throughout the province. The McKenna-McBride Royal […]

Fish Names comments on a fascinating database of fish names called FishBase. FishBase includes numerous search engines and research tools related to the classification of fish and it catalogues fish on a global scale. The FishBase managers provide a useful description of the value of this resource to studies in linguistics, linguistic anthropology, and ethnotaxonomy. I […]

Resources for Researching Aboriginal Issues

The Union of BC Indian Chief’s website has long been a terrific resource for researching issues related to native rights and land title in British Columbia (and, in some cases, throughout Canada). Now, they have revamped their site entirely and introduced two new resources for researchers. The first is the Our Homes Are Bleeding Digital […]