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Category Archives: Sacred Sites

Revamping the BC Heritage Act

BC MLAs and others are trying to revise the BC Heritage Act. The Act protects archaeological sites in the province. Of note, Hupacasath (Port Alberni) Chief Judith Sayers and member of the group working on revisions notes some of the problems with the Act as it exists now: “What’s really broken [in the Act] is […]

African Group Using GPS and to Protect Sacred Sites

Two stories from the Globe and Mail in the past couple of days concerning the Mbendjele Yaka (also Pygmies; northern Congo) use of GPS units to document sacred sites and locations of traditional use. The broader context: logging of the Mbendjele Yaka’s forested territory. To get around the problem of low literacy rates, a system […]

Wade Davis on the Sacred Headwaters

Wade Davis makes a passionate plea in the Globe and Mail for the protection from mining of the Sacred Headwaters near Iskut, British Columbia: The people of the Sacred Headwaters, the men and women of the Iskut First Nation who have rallied against these developments, have a very different way of thinking about the land. […]

Shell’s Exploration Efforts Curtailed in Northwestern BC

After blocking Royal Dutch Shell’s access to their hunting grounds on August 21, Tahltan elders have won a temporary court victory. Shell has postponed their injunction application indefinitely. This is the third summer in a row that Shell has tried to move into the Klappan region of northwestern BC. They own the permits to explore […]

Davis’ “Light” on Television Tonight (4 Episode Series)

Wade Davis’ “Light at the Edge of the World” is airing tonight on the History Channel (Canada). This four-part series is based on the book of the same name . The first episode is called “Peru: Sacred Geography”. Future episodes take place in Polynesia, the Himalayas, and the Arctic. From the show’s website: Humanity may […]

Sacred Sites Extend Conventional Dimensions of the Reservation

The New York Times offers a fascinating article about a Quechan (Southwest Arizona) challenge to the construction of an oil refinery. On the surface, this is another story of native people resisting development on the grounds of tradition and sacred places. The Times’ piece notes, however, that the Quechan are fighting a development forty miles […]

The Campaign Against Shell Oil Continues

Merran Smith of Forest Ethics (Smithers, BC) writes in about the opposition to Shell Oil’s interest in coal-bed methane in the Klappan Region of northwestern BC. This comes on the heels of a video by Dogwood Initiative and a news article by Joel Connelly of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. (See my recent blog post.) […]

British Columbia Becoming the new Nigeria?

The Dogwood Initiative has posted a video on Youtube about Shell’s exploration and development in northwestern British Columbia. It makes comparisons between Shell’s poor environmental and human rights track record in Nigeria and potential destruction of what Tahltan people call the Sacred Headwaters (the headwaters of the Skeena, Nass, Spatsizi, and Stikine Rivers). The video […]

Court of Appeals Rules in Favour of Navajos and Sacred Sites

Update The Farmington (NM) Daily Times covers the story. Original Post The Navajo Nation (Window Rock, Arizona) released a statement (pdf) saying that the US Court of Appeals overturned a recent District Court decision allowing Arizona Snow Bowl ski area to use sewage to make snow on San Francisco Peak. According to the release: … […]

Native Reaction to Mining Development in Northern BC

Update Monday Magazine summarizes the Tahltan protest at Mining Day. I quote the article here because the links usually do not survive: There are six new mines proposed for the area, [Rhoda Quock] says. “If it’s all to occur at once, it will be devastating for our people . . . We’re going to lose […]