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The new Bud Light commercial has me thinking again about Scott Kiesling’s dude research. Dude, the commercial is too funny!

Toronto Star Picks Up HTS Story in Advance of AAAs

The Canadian media has noticed the Human Terrain System (HTS) story a few days shy of the start of the Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association. An old and long debated story in the American anthropology blogosphere (e.g. at, the Toronto Star asserts that the HTS issue is “[embroiling anthropology] in a bitter […]

Laptops and Google No Problem During Lectures

For all my angst back in April about inappropriate laptop use in the classroom and unexpected challenges to my lecture notes from Google, this term has been free of any laptop or internet-related issues. Apparently one semester of high laptop use is not a trend. I’m not sure why computer use has been so limited […]

Endangered Languages on the Colbert Report

I couldn’t agree more with David Harrison that watching Stephen Colbert ‘cover’ endangered languages was a lot of fun (see comments). And, I will be using the clip of Colbert’s discussion with Harrison in my Intro to Cultural Anthropology class lecture on Language. (Those on a computer in Canada will find the clip here.) (Also […]

CBC Radio Series about Technology in the Classroom

Back to school: Tune in next week to Early Edition on CBC radio ( for a series on technology in the classroom. Topics include: the virtues and trials of classroom technology, facebook in classes, ‘unplugging’ students from mp3 players, and technology that assists the disabled. Click here for synopses of all episodes. Sphere: Related Content

TV Series Documents Traditional Healing, Shamans

A Canadian, aboriginal doctor hosts a series this fall on Vision TV and Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network (APTN). Dr. Daniele Behn Smith is an Eh-Cho Dene woman from Fort Nelson, British Columbia. Called “Medicine Woman,” the series addressed the connections between traditional and western medicines. Watch for the first episode on Vision TV on September […]

Davis’ “Light” on Television Tonight (4 Episode Series)

Wade Davis’ “Light at the Edge of the World” is airing tonight on the History Channel (Canada). This four-part series is based on the book of the same name . The first episode is called “Peru: Sacred Geography”. Future episodes take place in Polynesia, the Himalayas, and the Arctic. From the show’s website: Humanity may […]

Profs, Students and the ‘Smarty Pants’ Problem

The Globe and Mail opines on the challenges of internet-enabled classrooms (internet-enabled students?). Their take is apropos of my recent concerns about googling during lectures. Gist: As Leslie Chan delivered a lecture about the history of the United Nations to his students at the University of Toronto earlier this year, some pupils took notes on […]

Another E-Research Resource — Free Downloads of Text, Music, Video

I’ve just stumbled across With institutional support from the Library of Congress and the National Science Foundation, among others, this site offers material in text, audio, and video formats. Software and other digital items, like lectures and educational material, are also available. Copyright appears to be respected. Anthropological items are available; most are post-copyright. […]

ZohoShow + Skype = Very Cool Teaching Strategy

Glenn Moses is a curriculum specialist, high school teacher, and recently promoted to an assistant principal. He has a fascinating description of using an ZohoShow (an internet-based and free type of powerpoint) and Skype to work with a student to improve an upcoming classroom presentation. Beyond student instruction, the collaborative possibilities seem endless. They would […]