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Yale First Nation, BC Conclude Treaty Negotiations

The Yale First Nation stepped closer to completing a treaty with BC and Canada. Yesterday, Yale and BC signed an understanding that their negotiations were finished. Talks with Canada continue over fishing and land-related issues. Sphere: Related Content

Reviews of Widdowson and Howard’s “Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry”

I don’t have time to formulate my own review right now … suffice it to say I have appreciated the frankness of Widdowson and Howard’s Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry. The questions they ask about aboriginal poverty, its reasons and solutions to it should be asked — even if (especially if) they generate widely disparate answers. […]

Gitksan Propose Alternative Governance Model

Citing a desire to avoid the “parallel society” concept created by the current treaty process in British Columbia, the Office of the Gitksan Chiefs (Hazelton, BC; Skeena River) is promoting a new governance model in its continuing treaty negotiations with British Columbia and Canada. Two weeks ago, the Gitksan took out half page ads in […]

Tsawwassen Treaty Gains Royal Assent

Somehow I missed this a week ago … The Tsawwassen Treaty was passed in the House of Commons at the end of June.

Metro Vancouver Challenging Musqueam Land Deal

The directors of Metro Vancouver are taking the province of British Columbia to court over the recent transfer of land to the Musqueam Nation (Coast Salish; Vancouver). Rationale: “Metro Vancouver fully supports provincial efforts to achieve reconciliation with the Musqueam people and other First Nations communities,” said Board Chair Lois Jackson. “This legislation, however, sets […]

Part Two of Harcourt on the Treaty Process

Part Two of Vaughn Palmer’s conversation with Mike Harcourt is in today’s Vancouver Sun (or here). The slow pace of treaties has more to do with “wilful native ignorance” of the full meaning of recent court decisions than it does with resistance by the government. Gist: Apart from the failure to grasp what the courts […]

Harcourt Speaks Out about Slow Pace of Treaty-Making

Former premier and former treaty commissioner Mike Harcourt has spoken out about the slow pace of treaty negotiations in BC. Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer picks up the story (alternate link). Beyond overwhelming bureaucracy, Harcourt: … also sees unreasonable expectations, willful blindness, deliberate misreading of the courts and a lack of decisive leadership, particularly on […]

BC Treaty Process: The Board Game

The Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group has developed a board game to help people learn about and understand the BC Treaty Process. The Treaty Board Game is the brainchild of Joey Caro, treaty group communications manager, who has sat through too many meetings where aboriginal and non-aboriginal audiences have stared in blank incomprehension as speakers throw around […]

Musqueam Appove Land Deal

The Musqueam First Nation has voted to accept a land and cash deal connected to the UBC Golf Course and Pacific Spirit Park. The vote was overwhelming at 98%. This deal has been the subject of controversy — and has brought questions about land claims, treaties, and aboriginal rights into the middle of the affluent […]

Tsawwassen Treaty is Racially Discriminatory …

… writes Mark Milke in the National Post: … Canadians in general are suspicious of any policy that provides favourable treatment to certain Canadians on the basis of their race. A national poll in 2003 from the Centre for Research and Information found 49% of all Canadians believed that “few or none” of the hundreds […]