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Sea-to-sky Cultural Tour: Audio Edition

As you know, I am a huge fan of the new Skwxwū7mesh (Squamish) and/or Liĺwat7ul (Lilwat) Cultural Tour up the Sea-to-sky Highway. I’ve blogged previously about the tour and the Skwxwū7mesh Liĺwat7ul Cultural Centre in Whistler. I now see on the SLCC website an audio accompaniment to the drive up the highway. The downloadable zip […]

Double Ended, No Headed Moose and More from Congress

I had a great time at Congress10 in Montreal last week. More properly, I attended the meetings of the Canadian Anthropology Association (CASCA) which happened to be meeting with Congress. As previously noted, I was part of a round-table discussion of applied anthropology. Our panel discussed the following, pre-distributed questions: 1) What questions are being […]

Skwxwū7mesh Liĺwat7ul Cultural Centre

“Through the tour, workshops, film, and hearing the Skwxwū7mesh language I was left with the sense that the Squamish and Lilwat peoples and their cultures are vibrant and thriving.” The Skwxwū7mesh Liĺwat7ul Cultural Centre (Squamish Lilwat Cultural Centre) in Whistler is a fantastic culmination to the Sea-to-sky Cultural Journey (related post). I arrived at the […]

Sea-to-Sky Cultural Journey

“The highway signs look official and authentic and, as such, present the Skwxwū7mesh (Squamish) and/or Liĺwat7ul (Lilwat) languages on equal footing with English all along the route.” Inspired by Quentin Mackie’s recent blog post, rave reviews from friends of the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, and several recent drives to Whistler, I set out to explore […]

Gull Eating Salmon

Gull Eating Salmon Originally uploaded by TFM I enjoy fall in Vancouver largely because of the opportunities to see wildlife. Salmon run and spawn in several area rivers in October and November. Hoy Creek, next to Douglas College in Coquitlam, has a run of chum and coho salmon peaking in October. Hyde Creek, also in […]

Totems in Stanley Park from Local First Nations

The Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations claim Stanley Park as part of their traditional territories. Yet, for generations, the totem poles in the park have been from communities in other parts of British Columbia. Now, local First Nations have rectified that situation and erected their own gateways in Stanley Park. The Vancouver Sun covers […]

The Musqueam Land Deal Discussed at ‘Forests and Oceans’

Charles Menzies has a thoughtful post about the disconnect between the public’s intellectual ability to accept aboriginal land and title rights and the emotional refusal to accept that the UBC Golf Course and part of a popular park could be returned to the Musequeam First Nation in a land settlement. Charles asks specifically for responses […]

Vancouver 2010 Oympics Mascots Unveiled

My very first blog post was about the inappropriate choice of the Inuit Inukshuk as logo of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Now, the Vancouver Olympic Committee (Vanoc) has unveiled the Olympic Mascots … and I am intrigued. The three mascots represent a variety of symbols of British Columbia — or in the words of the […]

From Seattle to the Aleutians by Foot, Raft, Skis

I am thoroughly enjoying reading about the journey Erin and Hig are making up the west coast of North America. Blogging regularly at Journey on the Wild Coast, Erin and Hig are calling attention to environmental issues facing Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska. I am fascinated particularly by their observations of British Columbia (and Canada). […]

Lengthy Elaboration on Stanley Park History

Victor Guerin, Coordinator of the Musqueam Language and Culture Programme, has written a lengthy rebuttal and reply to the March 17, 2007 Vancouver Sun article about the archaeology of Stanley Park. His statement is copied into the comments section of my post on that article. I acknowledge it here because I fear it would be […]